Florence, Italy



This program is uniquely developed for those of all ages, personality types, and 
backgrounds, join together in support of one another becoming the most empowered and vibrant version of themselves.  This is a safe space for sisters to show up authentically, 
express inner truth, and be heard.  Gatherings include and exploration of journaling, mindful 
movement, mantra, meditation, visualization, sacred sound healing, voice activation and more.  Each workshop or retreat provides a foundation of tools, yet is an organic and creatively developed experience with different themes and locations with returning and also new faces.  Special connections and lifelong friendships are made.

Antella, Italy
Antella, Italy
Weekend retreat in the meadows
Florence, Italy
Antella, Italy
Tuscay, Italy
California Coast
Teacher training, Thailand
Women's weekend retreat
40 day immersive
San Bernardo, Italy
Retreat in the Meadows
Koh Yao Noi, Thailand
Koh Yao Noi, Thailand


Jenner Beach California

Join Juli Blanco and Morgan for a soul reviving retreat in this April, at the beautiful California coast. Immerse your self in a weekend of somatic movement and connection.