Yoga from the Inside Out

Founded and developed by Patty Townsend, Embodyoga® is a radical and inclusive approach to the ancient science of yoga and is a whole-person experiential investigation of the body’s structures and consciousness through embodied asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath-work), and meditation (stilling of the mind). The philosophy of this practice begins with the premise that our entire personal self (body, heart, and mind) is a sea of pure vibrating creative awareness, and provides us with a direct experience of unity that remains with us on and off the yoga mat, manifesting through and supporting our relationships with ourselves and others.  It includes a comprehensive and contemporary understanding of alignment that expresses itself from the inside out, and is specific to each individual. The emphasis is not on achieving any particular expression or shape in asana, but rather on each individual inhabiting themselves fully, as they move through their practice and their lives.  The core principles and techiques of Embodyoga® enhance and apply integration to any style and level of yoga, or movement practice from a vigorous vinyasa practice, any type of dance, to a gentle restorative. Embodyoga® is truly yoga from the inside out.